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iBike Shares The Single Best Secret Shortcut to Speed & Enduranance

iBike shares the quickest way to cycling fitness beyond logging high intesnity mileage on your iBike power meter

No, this is not a joke or an empty cliffhanger. This is undoubtedly the single quickest way to build instant speed, power, and endurance. Could the solution be buying a lighter frame set or fancier wheels? Could it be hitting high intensity … [Continue Reading...]

How Does the iBike Newton Power Meter Measure Power?

Big Bang Theory

Have you ever wondered how power meters work? What power meters are based on science and which are non-science or even nonsense? Thank you Matt Lauer and “Land of the Lost.”  I’ve been getting these types of questions frequently the past few weeks.  … [Continue Reading...]

Getting A Jump On The Spring!

Your iBike power meter and these drills will help build your cycling fitness for the Spring

Spring cycling training with iBike! Springtime is almost here! I can almost feel it in my bones (or maybe it’s the damp Portland weather). With the Spring comes a mosaic of color, races, and bittersweet early season suffering.    In order to get … [Continue Reading...]

Stretch Armstrong Bends Our Ears about Back Pain

Flexible muscles will help drive power to the pedals as evidenced by your iBike power meter

Ugh! Don’t you just love the old familiar aches and pains of long rides after taking some time off the bike? Sometimes, after those long rides, it feels like I’ve been folded up in a box for a few hours. Even standing up straight can be a challenge. … [Continue Reading...]

Meet The Bionic Man: iBike Athlete Troy Huerta Bounces Back from Double Hip Replacement Surgery

iBike power meter athlete Troy Huerta

Why would anyone let a little hurdle like two hip replacement surgeries slow them down? Troy Huerta sure didn’t. With the love of his wife Darci and supportive friends, he’s back on the bike logging miles on his iBike Newton, racing again – faster … [Continue Reading...]

Athletics, Aging, and Hormonal Balance: iBike Power Meters Catches up with Dr. Retzler

Logging miles on you iBike power meter isn't all their is to training. It's about choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the past few years, now that I’m out of my 30’s; achieving success in cycling and triathlon goes way beyond logging miles on the iBike power meter. I’ve learned, the hard way, that success is a way of life constructed of … [Continue Reading...]

My Own Personal Wind Tunnel: iBike Newton+

Having an iBike Newton+ power meter is the next best thing to a wind tunnel

Who needs a million dollar contract and full staff of engineers to watch you pedal in a wind tunnel for 8 hours when you have an iBike Newton+? Ok, so it’s not as cool as having a designated team catering to your every need but it will sure save you … [Continue Reading...]

A Triathlete’s Best Friend: iBike power meter

iBike power meters help triathletes acheieve their best possible bike split through pacing

Have you experienced the pre-race jitters or the adrenaline rush at the beginning of the race? It’s almost impossible to rely on your sense of pace when the gun fires. Even when I think I’m taking off slow and keeping calm, I’m way beyond a pace I … [Continue Reading...]

Your First Triathlon: Coach’s Corner with Natasha Van Der Merwe

iBike power meter professional Triathlete Natasha Van Der Merwe

 5 years ago I was looking for a goal to get myself in shape.  Just going to the gym was not a big enough goal and didn't really motivate me.  I often found myself pushing the snooze button and blowing off my workouts.  I had dabbled in a few run … [Continue Reading...]

Customizing Your Cycling Training with iBike Newton

Cycling Training & Racing with power meters

  Are you following a specific cycling training program that requires custom intervals or work sets? Your iBike Newton power meter and iBike Isaac ride analysis software can help.  Our cycling training requirements change, depending … [Continue Reading...]